Tesla released its new Semi truck


Tesla released its new Semi truck at a launch event in Hawthorne, California, on Nov. 16.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk orchestrated all the pizazz and performance of a typical Tesla launch, and touted how the Semi can accelerate from zero to sixty in just five seconds, and haul 80,000 pounds. Unlike other trucks, the Tesla Semi places the driver in the center of the front vehicle. Instead of the usual levers, two touchscreens are placed beside the steering wheel. It will also be semi-autonomous, capable of keeping lane and braking on its own. The truck will have a range of 500 miles when fully charged. Plugging into one of Tesla’s fast-chargers for 30 minutes will give the Semi a 400-mile range. The Semi will be built on a truck chassis with components from Tesla’s Model 3 line, the mass-market vehicle the company plans to make in huge volumes (about 500,000 per year after 2018).

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