jcPassionate about technology, I have specialized in software engineering. I believe that technology is not an end in itself but much more a way to simplify our lives.

In addition to a doctorate in artificial intelligence and robotics, I graduated with an Exec MBA.

I started coding with software in the 80’s (Amiga, IBM PC) learning each year a new language and in the early 90’s I started getting interested in the  world of object-oriented development and coding in EIFFEL ( later in Java and C++). In the mid of the 90’s, I got into the real-time and parallel programming (OCCAM, C, C++) and improved my expertise in optimisation and complexity of the code. In the 2000’s, I jumped into the Internet technologies,  I created many web sites (eCommerce, entreprise portals) and I launched my own company.

I’m pleased to lead engineering teams and to share my experiences. I’m fully committed to fairness, trustworthiness, honesty and transparency, and I take great pride in nurturing and sustaining these values with my team members.

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Jean-Christophe Huc